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Care for the environment

Vilkograd, the story about clean environment …

Protection of the environment has always been one of the highest priorities of the Vilkograd company. Our headquarters are located in a wonderful village which always reminds and inspires us that protection of the natural heritage is the top priority in our work.

Technologies that we use are “green” in its core because installation of pipes with no-dig method is a big step forward in comparison to classic building methods. There is a lot less intervention in the environment which means environment protection, especially preservation of natural habitats in the areas where we have to cross running waters and other fragile ecosystems. The pollution of the environment is also reduced because there is a low level of noise and emissions during the implementation. Another very important fact is that use of modern NO-DIG technologies considerably reduces the amount of construction waste. We have given special consideration to this.

With EU funding and a large investment from the company we have recently developed an efficient recycling system for bentonite silt which appears as a by-product of horizontal directional drilling. It is a system of cleaning and reuse of drilling fluids which has contributed to lowering the amount of final waste silt for over 80%. The rest of it is dehydrated with a vacuum press and thus transformed in a form that is ready for disposal and entirely ecologically acceptable.

Development and ecological orientation of our NO-DIG technology systems is a priority that we will continue to follow. That is why we are certain our service will also be usable in the future.