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Production of bores with pneumatic pin

»The most economical system for shorter not demanding crossings of roads and architectonic obstacles.«

The method is certainly the simplest and quickest form of subsurface drilling. It is intended for crossing roads, railways and other infrastructure. It is suitable for small-diameter telecommunications, water pipes, gas pipelines, electrification and sewers.

Technology suitable for production of subsurface drilling with pipes from f 32 mm to f 160 mm

Length of bores:
Subsurface drilling up to 25 m is possible, depending on the soil.
Boring possible in category II to IV materials.

  • Fast and effective implementation
  • Relatively small construction pit
  • Accuracy of boring is satisfactory
  • Environmentally friendly technology – the drive medium is air
  • Implementation in fairly difficult terrains
  • In very difficult terrains, a safety factor must be ensured for the depth of drilling. For instance, under a road this is a minimum of 10 times the diameter of the bore, otherwise deformation of the asphalt could occur.
Table of bores by standard pipes
1. fi 50 mm PVC or PE/HD
2. fi 63 mm PVC or PE/HD
3. fi 75 mm PVC or PE/HD
4. fi 90 mm PVC or PE/HD
5. fi 100 mm PVC or PE/HD
6. fi 110 mm PVC or PE/HD
7. fi 125 mm PVC or PE/HD
8. fi 140 mm PVC or PE/HD
9. fi 160 mm PVC or PE/HD