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The method is certainly the simplest and quickest form of subsurface drilling.

The results are clear, and today we have access to technology allowing us to produce bores of diameter f 40 mm to f 2000 mm.

We present a new horizontal drilling method using optical control. The technology is suitable for construction and rehabilitation of sewers. Its advantage is exceptional accuracy.

Horizontal drilling and new construction of house connections.

Extreme lengths and diameters of pipelines can be realized with microtunneling technology in all geological conditions.

Dynamic and static rehabilitation of sewers and water mains

The modern building industry also requires construction in less stable terrains. The technology of driving piles made of ductile pipes was developed.

The construction of vertical wells is interesting especially for the construction of wells, pumping stations, etc.

One method to protect construction pits is the use of retaining elements.

We are equipped with modern construction machinery, enabling high-quality and rapid implementation. We use the latest technologies for construction.

Demolition work on the interior of structures is a very specialised activity. As a result, we have special mini machinery to carry out such work. 

Transport of goods by freight vehicle.